An Overview On A Pigment : Phthalo Green Organic Pigments

Phthalo Green Organic Pigments
An Overview On A Pigment : Phthalo Green Organic Pigments
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Phthalo Green Organic Pigments Introduction

Phthalocyanine Green G, also known as, Pigment Green 7, phthalo green, is a synthetic green pigment from the family of phthalocyanine dyes, a compound of copper(II) with chlorinated phthalocyanine. It is a very soft green powder which is impenetrable and insoluble in water.

Its CAS numbers depend upon the extent of chlorine substitution. Its chemical formula varies from C32H3Cl13CuN8 to C32HCl15CuN8. It is a high intensity, bright colored pigment which is excessively used in acrylic and oil based artist’s paints, and in several other applications.

Properties, chemistry and production of Phthalo Green Organic Pigments

Phthalocyanine green is a phthalocyanine blue pigment where approximately all of the hydrogen atoms are deputed with chlorine. The stalwartly electronegative chlorine atoms influenced the distribution of the electrons in the phthalocyanine arrangement, shifting its absorption range. It is made with the assistance of the chlorination of the phthalocyanine blue since of a melt of aluminium chloride and sodium chloride, to which chlorine is pioneered at prominent temperature. The phthalo green molecules are highly constant. They are defiant to acids, ultraviolet radiation alkali, solvents, and heat.

What are the Uses of Green 7 Pigments?

Owing to its stability, phthalo green is made use in plastics, coatings and inks. In function, it is transparent. The Phthalo Green Organic Pigments is impenetrable and has no tendency to migrate in the material. It is a typical pigment which is used in packaging industry and printing ink. It is also permissible in all cosmetics excluding those used around the eye region, and used in some tattoos also.

Phthalo Green Organic Pigments Types and Specifications

Material Safety Data Sheet and Specifications

  • Pigment green 7


Pigment Phthalo Green 7 Medium Shade can be used for printing ink, coloring kf paints, varnished cloth and things of education &culture.

Shape and properties: It is deep green powder with bright color and high coloring capability. It can’t melt in water and ordinary solvent. It’s olive green in color, in strenuous sulphuric acid and turns to green sediment after dilution. It has good sunning-resistance and heat resistance that belongs to chorocopper phthalocyanine fade-less color.

  • C.I.P.G.7 in chemicals Phthalo Green


  1. CAS Number: 1328-53-6
  2. Phthalo Green
  3. EU Number: 215-524-7
  4. Pigment Green7


Main Application: Offset Ink

Can Use: Plastic

  • 5300 Phthalo Green 7 B.S.

5300 is a blue shade phthalocyanine Green Organic Pigments () of outstanding value displaying strong shad values, a high degree of permanency and color purity.  5300 has exceptional overall properties.


5300 is a green for all kinds of applications where a bluer shade Green 7 is vital.  Distinctive applications consist of artist colors, printing inks, plastics, paints, rubber, textile printing floor coverings, and several other colorant applications.

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