An Overview On WordPress Customisation

Wordpress Customisation
An Overview On WordPress Customisation
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One mode of making visitors keep coming back to the website is by having a nice-looking and innovative design. If a company already has a WordPress-powered website, it is likely to have it look and feel matches the business/brand image without doing an entire re-design and without paying thousands of dollars to have the website designed and developed. At the present time, internet more or less has solutions to all of the needs. By searching on Google, one could find numerous tutorials, forums code examples and even excellent innovations that would allow anyone to build websites with not much website development knowledge and expertise.

Editing and customizing WordPress themes could be very frightening if one is not familiar with how it works, however with some guidance and assistance, one could create a unique design for their website with not much effort and in no time.

Here is just an overview of #WordpressCustomization procedure, steps and essentials.

Identifying The Structure Of WordPress Theme                                     

The essential structure of the standard WordPress theme includes a sidebar, a header, content and lastly, footer. WordPress Themes partitions the main structure between blocks, which are called template files (PHP files).

Customizing The WordPress Theme

After one has decided as to which part or section of the website needs to be altered, comes the customization process. WordPress Customisation can be done in two ways, which is as follows:

  1. CSS Style Customizing
  2. PHP Customizing

Steps Involved in WordPress Customization are as follows:

  1. Logging into the Admin Area:  Go to Theme, from there to Custom File Editor
  2. Placing the company’s name or logo on the website’s header

3.  Adding fresh and new functions to the theme

4.  Update theme version of WordPress theme that has been customized.

With the help of experienced developers, programmers and Dedicated Web Designer, WordPress customization could be executed and implemented.

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